Karna Luish Lepcha


I am Karna Luish Lepcha from Sikkim, at present I am a student of HBTC.

Since 2008 I have been serving the Lord in my local church as an evangelist (local church in charge), but I did not find myself to be a successful worker in my ministry. Those days my understanding level was very low when compared to today, and I used to think that I didn’t need to go for theological studies (Bible college), the Spirit of God would do everything. Because of my little knowledge I just learned the same thing from others (senior believers and uneducated leaders). Somebody used to say that “little knowledge is a dangerous thing,” and when some leaders used to encourage me to go to Bible college I countered them and said, “Bible college is not the only way through which God can do work, but if we believe (have faith) He can work.”

But when I came to HBTC, my eyes were opened and I knew the value of theological studies. I understand the Scriptures better and recognise the cause of my failures in ministry (Hosea 4:6, Prov. 11:14). I knew the reason why I lost so many souls and why my church believers were facing problems. I realised that one of my failures was in not making disciples.

Now I am happy and I can see some difference in my understanding / thinking and hope now onwards I can do something better with the help of a clearer theology in Christ.

Albert Ekka


My name is Albert Ekka. I come from Naxalbari, West Bengal and I’m studying B.Th 3rd year in HBTC. It is God’s grace for me because when I was at home my prayers to God was that I wanted to study in a Bible college. A few months later our church decided to send someone to Bible college and the members chose me. I thank the Lord that He heard my prayer. Before coming to HBTC I knew very little about ministry and I was not confident while talking to people, sharing the Gospel or conducting fellowship etc. But thanks to the Lord who sent me here to HBTC. Today I am confident to stand in front of people and share the Word of God. It has helped me grow in my spiritual life and also sharpened my leadership skills.

I find HBTC very helpful and I am sure it will be helpful for you also.

Tulshi Rai



My name is Tulshi Rai. I am from Bermiok, South Sikkim and I am currently studying at HBTC in Siliguri. I am an evangelist and have been ministering in the Kingdom of God since 2004. Dr Samuel Lepcha inspired me to go for theological study. I thought that experience was enough and that there was no need for more study of Biblical theology.

But when I came to HBTC my perspective has totally changed, I learned lots of new things like Hermeneutics, Homiletics, Church History, Discipleship and others too. By the grace of God I have good teachers, and their life experiences and teaching have revived me. It opened my spiritual eyes and showed a clear vision of God’s kingdom to me.

HBTC provides a public library within the compound. So I learned how to use library books to improve my English speaking and study skills. I have received lots of knowledge and wisdom from the B.Th course. I am very happy and proud to be at HBTC, because it imparts the knowledge of God’s kingdom to me. Now I have a zeal to teach the Bible to believers and non-believers of the world.

Lastly I would like to encourage you all that studying the Word of God is very, very essential for our personal life as well as in developing leadership. Every believer should have a clear understanding of theology in this generation.

Noel Tamang


I am Noel Tamang from Singtam in East Sikkim and I am a student at HBTC.

Before coming here I didn’t know about the Bible, but I had a desire to learn about the bible deeply at that time. As I came here I learned more than expected and it has made me more curious to go further and learn more. It’s really helpful for me to understand my task as a Christian, and I really give thanks to God who provided me with this opportunity and to my teachers who have trained me for service in the Kingdom of God. Not only that but whilst studying here I learned about my life—who I am, where I am going and why I am here. As a Christian we have to ask ourselves this kind of question.

I would encourage all those who really desire to work for Gods Kingdom to come here and study. It will really help you.

Rohit Rai


Hello Everyone!

My name is Rohit Rai, I m 19 years old and come from Pokhara, Nepal.

Before I came here I thought I would learn some things about Jesus and the Bible. I had heard many things about Bible college, often that it is the final option for people—I expected something like a rehab centre where the worst people went, those who were rejected by the society and community.

But after coming here my perspective has been changed. While here I have learned many things, not only about Jesus and the Bible, but including the fact that I have an opportunity to learn who I am, why I am here, what is my purpose and reason for coming here. I have started to understand the purpose and value for life. I thank God for everything He has taken me through, the ups and downs. By going through all those trials I have been made stronger. Firstly, I realised I have to change myself and my lifestyle before I can help others change. Now I understand the purpose of why I am here. I am here to equip and train myself in order to help people find the answer to their questions. Life is sacred and holy and the way we treat people represents our walk with God because we are created in His own image.

I feel proud to be a student at HBTC and to be part of the family here. While studying here my English has improved in many ways- communication skills, sermon preparations and preaching the Gospel in English. I’m very grateful and thankful to all the faculty of the college because they are always ready to help us in each and every situation. I have understood that being a Christian I have to share the Gospel of Jesus to the world, “Missions is the heartbeat of God.” I have understood the value of making disciples and the purpose of being a disciple. I have resolved to make discipleship an integral part of my personal lifestyle.

Tashi Lepcha


Hi, I am Tashi Lepcha, studying in HBTC as a 3rd year student.

During my studies here I have learned lots of things, both practically and theoretically. They have all helped me to know God more, and to create within my heart a greater desire to serve God and to find out His will for my life. I have also learned how to read the Bible in a right way and how to apply it in daily life. Here we have very committed and friendly teachers, they are always ready to help us and to encourage us to work in the Kingdom of God.

So, I encourage all of you, if you have a desire to work for the Kingdom of God, this institution is really helpful for you in finding out God’s will in your life, and to help you grow in your spiritual life.

Sunil Tamang


My name is Sunil Tamang and I am a student at HBTC. I come from Singtam in Sikkim.

Before coming to HBTC I thought that to serve God is first going to church and attending every fellowship meeting faithfully. But when I came here i learned that just attending church is not the only way to serve god. rather there are many ways, or ministries, by which we can serve God. Here the faculty train us in the Word of God which has enabled me to build a very strong relationship with God and has enabled me to get a vision for the Kingdom and Jesus Christ. Not only that but after coming here my English has improved a lot and helped me in many other areas of life such as reading and preaching in English. There are so many things I have learned that they seem beyond number.

For now I would like to say that HBTC is a really good place to grow in Christ and to be educated in the Word of God and to be equipped for the Kingdom of God.

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